Our Story - Pure Nut Macadamia Skin Care
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Pure Nut – macadamia skin care, is based on our 50 acre family owned macadamia farm in Northern NSW, Australia.  We’re fully invested in our Brand…literally as we GROW, NURTURE and HARVEST macadamias on our own farm.  My husband, Farmer Andrew (as we call him) grew up on his parents macadamia farm before moving to the city to work in Business Finance. Although he enjoyed this he yearned to follow his real passion to start a career he absolutely loves… being a farmer. So at the end of 2008 our Family of six moved from the city onto our own farm. My background is in Education and running a small retail business and a Farm Stay accommodation, but being a Mum of four children has always been my  favourite role.

So how did our Pure Nut begin? Our macadamia crop was being sent off as premium food grade nuts but we wanted to value add. Looking for ideas of what we could do I stumbled across so much research on the benefits of macadamia oil for health and beauty.  Studies show pure Australia Macadamia Oil has a long list of amazing properties including Omegas 6, 7 and 9 which are known to lock in moisture and improve the appearance of fine lines and minor skin damage by nourishing and rejuvenating your skin.  

Of course we tried the beauty oil ourselves and on family and friends to see if it was as good as the research proclaimed….. We were amazed at how good our skin felt after using the oil. Macadamia oil is light weight and quickly soaks into your skin, instantly nourishing it. Not only does it make your skin feel good but after using it for awhile we could definatly notice the difference in how it looked. The first place I noticed changes was the backs of my hands, where I always rub the oil in. Skin blemishes healed quicker and my skin just felt more hydrated. Living near the coast, our 19yr old son is a keen surfer. The exposure to the salt water and sun often left his skin feeling dry. He started using macadamia oil morning and night and noticed a big improvement in how his skin felt. It’s great for after shaving too.

We extended our brand – Pure Nut – to include a range of macadamia oil based skin care products.  To add an extra premium punch to our range we included Australian Manuka Honey to our Creams and Lip Balm. The Manuka honey has been sourced from a nearby Bee Keeper.

At Pure Nut we love the ‘Farm to Face’ concept, using nature inspired premium ingredients sourced from a collaborative of

Australian Farmers and Bee Keepers!

Finally, as macadamia farmers ….If we didn’t ♥ Pure Nut products ourselves we couldn’t sell them! We stand proudly 100% behind our Brand!